Feral Fry up No 6

For our first Feral Fry up of 2021, we will be talking to Josie Jenkins. Josie is an award-winning artist based in Liverpool, UK. She studied for her BA Hons in Fine Art (Painting) at Norwich School of Art and Design, UK, graduating in 2002 and has since exhibited in the UK and internationally. Josie was born in The East Riding of Yorkshire and worked as an artist in Hull and Nottinghamshire, before settling in Liverpool.

About her work, Josie states – “I am interested in the innate human sense of order and our need to impose order on the world. I like making work that not only uses imagery depicting the order and disorder which is present in our constructed world, but which also employs the same interplay between order and disorder (or unity and variety) that we find so engaging in an artistic composition.”

To join us at 6:30pm* on Monday 11th January, simply email [email protected] for a Zoom link.

*Please note that we will stop admissions into the Zoom at 6.40pm

Image: After Hurvin Anderson with Cones and Wasteland, 2020, oil and acrylic on canvas, 102cm x 88cm


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