Feral Fry-Up No.7

For Feral Fry-Up No. 7, we will be talking to Clare Holdstock (b.1992), who graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in 2014 with First Class Honours, and is currently studying for an MA in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art with the support of the Cass Art Fellowship

About her work, Clare says “For some years I have been interested in architectural and design histories. I am interested in the distinctions between art and craft, and art and design; design objects and art objects; the handmade and the mass produced. In my practice, I ruminate on the hierarchical value systems around materiality, objects, and aesthetics”.

Recent exhibitions include: Yellow Archangel, General Practice, Lincoln (2021); Life on Venus III, The Organic, The Tub, London (2021); Yellow Archangel, Oceans Apart, Salford (2020); TEIDA 3 (The Exhibition I Dreamt About), curated by Michel Carmantrand, online (2020); TIME after ([]) after TIME, The Briggait, Glasgow (2019); Coventry Biennial, Coventry (2019); (2018); Bloc Projects Members Show, Bloc Projects, Sheffield (2018); In Nothing Flat, Old Granada Studios, Manchester (2017).

To join us at 6:30pm* on Monday 8th February, simply email [email protected] for a Zoom link.

*Please note that we will stop admissions at 6.40pm

Image: Negative Phone Charger 2019


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