The Feral Team

Project Manager: Jayne Jones

I create paintings using industrial paints and resins which focus on the importance of process and materials. My paintings lay my process bare in allowing the paint to describe how the natural phenomena of gravity & time can interrupt, undermine or sometimes underpin the painter’s task. I have exhibited this work nationally and internationally, including the New York Art Fair and the Sister Cities Exhibition in Raleigh. North Carolina.

Project Manager: Jackie Goodman

After graduating in Textile Design & Fine Art I have been involved with arts education and practice including visual arts, writing & theatre. I’ve worked across secondary, further and higher education sectors including project and institutional management. My current practice is as director of multimedia performances including contemporary dance, poetry and video projection. I have a PhD which looks at the links between architecture and fictional narrative.

TUTOR: Annemarie Tickle

My practice, initially inspired by remote and minimal landscapes, has led to an interest in capturing more emotional responses to ephemeral light, atmosphere and elemental forces of nature. I produce large scale abstract work exploring my love of vibrant colour. I enjoy experimenting with a wide range of media but am particularly interested in utilising the alchemy of dyeing techniques.  As well as being a working practitioner I have been lecturing and delivering workshops in print and textile techniques for over 30 years.

Tutor: Dom Heffer

My paintings are often large scale, colourful and carry a hint of anarchy. The paintings are sometimes filmed as they are made, in order to squeeze maximal data from the process. In recent works, communications networks intrude on the visual world; canvases are netted with transmission beams, figures, or ‘stooges’, are distorted by interference and visual devices such as ‘creative blocks’ disrupt narrative. I have worked with many arts and research organisations, including The Institute of General Semantics, New York, Media Ecology Association; Bologna, UK City of Culture, 20/21 Visual Arts Centre and The Estate of Francis Bacon in London.

Tutor: Paul Collinson

After graduating from the Hull School of Art & Design I have developed a painting practice which focuses particularly on conceptual and technical elements. Recent group exhibitions include John Moores Painting Prize exhibitions 2012 and 2014, the Jerwood Space, London exhibition Miniature Worlds, A Modern Romance at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe, and I have had solo exhibitions at the Crossley Gallery at Dean Clough Galleries in Halifax, at Myles Meehan Gallery in Darlington, at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre, and at the Wolsey Gallery in Ipswich. I have curated group exhibitions, including the recent touring exhibition Utopia Deferred. A paper on my painting practice given at the 5th Conference of the Polish Society of World Art is published in Art of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in 20th – 21st Centuries.

TUTOR: Anna Kirk-Smith

I am a fine artist and graduate of the Royal College of Art. I make artwork about natural sciences to raise awareness of political, social and environmental issues, often in collaboration with conservation organisations and NGOs. A recent project was ‘Bringing the Dead Sea to Life’, highlighting watershed and political issues in partnership with Israeli, Jordanian, Palestinian organisations, schools and international artists. I am currently investigating ritual and custom associated with a re-connection to nature and global ecological challenges.

Tutor: Anthony Housman

I make paintings that can be described as abstract, but that also contain motifs and biomorphic elements. My paintings are usually begun with what I call an “activation of the canvas” – a flurry of diluted, painterly gestures, from which I look to assimilate apparitions of space, by introducing increasingly systematised forms and areas of colour. My approach to painting focuses on developing a continuous dialogue between the intentional and the incidental.

Tutor: Lindy Norton

I studied Fine Art at Hull School of Art and Design and postgraduate printmaking (M.A), at Chelsea School of Art. Since graduating I have taught at Foundation and Degree level in addition to developing my own practice. Drawing is central to the development and realisation of my work, which I then often go on to explore through painting and print. One of my preoccupations is creating a sense of unease in my work, exploring atmospheric qualities, ambiguity with mystery, hinting at human presence or absence. I aim to subtly change the truth of light and darkness to amplify uncertainties. Printmaking holds a huge attraction for me, in particular drypoint etching and mono print. I love to teach all forms of printmaking. I have recently completed an MA in Children’s Book Illustration at Anglia Ruskin University.

TUTOR: Gareth Sleightholme

I am an illustrator /designer who has produced Visual Development, Concept Design, illustration and a range of other 2D and 3D creative work for the Leisure, Events and Museum/Heritage sector for 30 years as well as teaching at art schools in both Hull and Norwich. I am currently focussing on developing my own personal art and prints, as well as working with others producing comics and concept art.

TUTOR: Geoff Keen

My paintings have featured in both the John Moore’s Painting Prize and The Whitworth Northern Young Contemporaries 1989; I was awarded the prestigious Cheltenham fellowship for painting in 1991. Since completing an MA in painting at Chelsea School of Art in 1991 I have worked in art education within the secondary, prison and adult education sectors. Recent exhibitions include Gallery 49 and Bridlington Contemporary Art gallery in Bridlington 2018.

TUTOR: Andi Dakin

I studied Fine Art in Rochdale, Sheffield and Edinburgh. I have always been involved with art school education, leaving full time employment in December 2015: freeing myself up to make art and commit to exciting projects across a breadth of visual art disciplines. I like fun, colour, texture, mischief, form and drama. My practice involves sculpture, printmaking and painting. Drawing features in all aspects of my work. Exhibiting work is an essential part of my creative practice. Teaching is a way to enthuse about creativity, to share skills and knowledge, and to fortify crucial aspects of my being as an artist.

TUTOR: Anna Bean

My work recalls a long tradition of staged narratives and theatrical role-playing in art. I utilise the camera and various tools of the cinema and theatre, such as makeup, costumes, props, and scenery, to create dream-worlds filled with gothic horror and surreal humour. I also create 3D immersive theatrical experiences allowing the audience to walk in and become part of these imaginary spaces.

TUTOR: Luke Beech

I am an artist and educator with a specialism in offender learning and public engagement. I aim to empower people with the tools for critical thinking which I try to reflect in my own practice – using the familiar fabric of everyday life in new and intuitive ways, as well as exploring the contexts these materials and processes sit in. I have experience of exhibiting, curating and working on a commission basis; including a public sculpture for Associated British Ports and a social engagement project for the 2017 Turner Prize.

Tutor: Lynn Benson

Fashion is a constant journey of discovery, exploring fabrics and design to create unique garments. After graduating I became course leader for Fashion & Costume, lecturing in HE & FE education. I developed degree programmes which gave students skills in print, pattern cutting and construction so that they could create original clothing and accessories. My own practice is bespoke design in fashion and costume working with theatre companies and visual artists.

TUTOR: John Baron

I have worked in a variety of roles for local newspapers since starting my career as a trainee reporter at the Leeds Weekly News in 1994. I have also worked as a sub-editor for Wharfedale Newspapers in Ilkley, as a web editor for the Yorkshire Weekly Newspapaer Group in Wakefield and was a beatblogger for The Guardian’s experimental online Local Project. I have created a niche in online storytelling and have a passion for hyperlocal media. I currently edit the West Leeds Dispatch and have taught journalism ranging from community reporter training courses at local community centres through to university level courses in Leeds, Hull and Sheffield.

Tutor: Eleanor Scott

I am a constructed textiles designer who has a diverse background in both fashion and textiles design. After completing a Constructed Textiles BA Hons at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design I launched the knitwear label Nor Clothing, which saw success in the global womenswear market and used innovative zero waste production techniques. Through the creation of sustainable knitwear garments, I began to develop new knit technologies and now carry on this mode of enquiry as a doctoral researcher for the Business of Fashion Textiles and Technology (BFTT). My lecturing roles have given me opportunities to work in the Higher, and Further Education sector, both as a Course Leader of a Fashion and Clothing course and a Knitted Textiles lecturer. These positions have given me opportunities to develop an array of skills in pattern making, garment design, printed textiles, surface design, weave, additive manufacturing, and bio-fabrication. My latest design work is rooted in the ‘hacking’ of knit technology to create playful tapestries and textiles art, inspired by medieval manuscripts, masterworks and folklore.

Tutor: Annie Turner

My paintings begin to evolve from a feeling for a place (recently the Scottish islands of Iona and Shetland). It might be the light, it might be the shapes, the colours or the sense for what may have been there before. I am particularly interested in the history of a place, the archaeology and the mythology, the layers and remains of human existence. There is time spent within the landscape and sketching – often quite figuratively, but sometimes with eyes closed using the memory of the place to guide the pen. The sketchbooks go straight into the studio, they hold the key to revisiting the place, they open the door back into the landscape. Whether on paper or canvas, what usually happens next is a process of mark-making. Probably barefoot, often with eyes closed, bringing back the feeling of the place, more of an emotional response than an attempt to draw, though sometimes there’s that too. A conversation between myself and the painting starts, which may last weeks or months – it can be a rollercoaster ride. Paint applied and removed, layers, marks made and hidden then scraped back and revealed. And then one day the painting says done.

I have been teaching alongside my own practice for many years now and focus on mark making, drawing, experimental printmaking, embracing risks and the freedom and joy of pushing paint around. It’s a wonderful thing to see student’s confidence grow and to see them develop and embrace the techniques I share with them.

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