How Trinity Market is booming in Hull 2017 aftermath

Whenever someone relocates or returns to Hull from the bright lights and minimal coffee bars of another major city, the first question they often get asked is “Why?”, writes Katie Knapp.

Whilst chatting with Micro-Bakery owner Roxy Riley, who returned from London to set up her first business in Hull, I realised how much culture has evolved and changed here in the last few years.

Roxy is the Co-Owner of Flour and Feast, a bakery in Hull’s Trinity Market – a small market full of local independent traders that has boomed in the aftermath of Hull winning City of Culture 2017. I asked Roxy about her favourite cultural venue in Hull and we shared our love of wandering down Humber Street and the variety of food and entertainment Trinity Market has to offer.

The fact that Hull is small and works hard to support home-grown talent, makes it the ideal place to start new business and the market is perfect for this.

Entrepreneurs who have tried life in bigger cities like Leeds, London or Manchester, as well as people from different countries and backgrounds are gravitating to Hull, rediscovering their roots and as a result, independent business in Hull is thriving!

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